"When the laws are clear and precise the judge's role is merely to establish a fact".

Have you had surgery or medical treatment and need to make a malpractice claim? We represent you.
Did you have surgery or medical treatment in Cali, and need to claim malpractice? We represent you.
If you believe that your pet has been subjected to veterinary malpractice, we are able to attend to your case.
Health professionals. You have professionals at your disposal to defend your interests, your dignity and prestige.

A Great Team and a Winning Culture

Raison Legal is a law firm that is exclusively dedicated to advancing matters related to issues of medical liability, conflicts in matters of social security in health, which has been formed with lawyers in the field, given its extensive practice in different hospital entities. Our aim is to provide legal services of quality, efficiency, responsibility and confidentiality.

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Areas of Activity

Legal Advice and Guidance

We advise natural and legal persons in matters related to medical liability.

Legal Defence

Whether as plaintiffs in administrative or judicial proceedings, we are able and willing to provide a competent legal defence.

Administrative and Legal Complaints

We represent you before the different jurisdictions as plaintiff or defendant, in order to enforce compliance with the law.

Veterinary Malpractice Claims

If you believe that your pet's health has been affected by veterinary malpractice, we are ready to provide you with legal advice.

Medical Law Observatory

As a contribution to the knowledge of medical responsibility, and to the academic community, we will be advancing studies related to public health issues.

You can always Rely on Raison Legal

We aim to provide quality legal services, efficiency, accountability and confidentiality.

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Focusing Only on Our Customers

At RAISON LEGAL, we adapt to the requirements of our users. We have extensive and comprehensive experience for our clients.

RAISON LEGAL, in short, we will continue to improve and invest in the best models, in order to adapt to what our clients really need.

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